Monday, June 21, 2010

Sabun atau minyak wangi?

I came across a very interesting short story ^_^ here goes,

Suatu hari, Imam Ibnul Jauzi ditanya oleh seseorang. "Manakah yang lebih baik bagiku, bertasbih atau beristighfar?" Dengan bijak, Ibnul Jauzi menjawab, "Pakaian yang kotor lebih memerlukan sabun daripada minyak wangi." 

Jawapan yang padat makna dan sarat dengan hikmah. Dalam erti kata lain, bagi Ibnu Jauzi, beristighfar itu lebih utama dilakukan untuk 'mencuci pakaian yang kotor dari segala noda'.

Menarik bukan? :) Ana begitu tertarik dengan pendapat ini. Semoga sama-sama kita memperoleh kebaikan. InsyaAllah...  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Enable me to see reality for what it really is.'

That's a prayer that our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. once asked from Allah.

Salam alayk :)
My goodness this is my longest pause from writing a post I think. Forgive me for that. I'm still in the middle of my a-level exams you see. Hope you, the one reading is in great health insyaAllah. I came across an application that would give me a daily Hadith. Meaning different ones to ponder on each day and today it was about 'Hasty judgement'. Now that must be familiar don't you think? It's something we all tend to do once in a while if not all the time. We are hasty in our judgement. What does that mean? It means to immediately draw conclusions without bothering to get all the facts right first. Simplest example would be towards the things we listen to. We may hear things about people which may turn out to be untrue. Which may turn out differently from what we think it means merely due to difference in perspective.

I used to think that to solve things people should talk about it and settle it. You know, really discuss and speak out their minds so that things would be clear to both sides but I notice that it doesn't always work. Especially if you're the only one wanting to speak. So what is there to be done? I'd feel as though I'm at a dead end sometimes....but today alhamdulillah Allah made me come across this Hadith :) and I must say that prayer Rasulullah made is indeed very fitting.

'Enable me to see reality for what it really is.'

Ameen...Yes, may Allah grant us that. The ability to see the truth for what it truly is and not based on our perspective alone. Coz I know now that truth isn't just about how we perceive things. We need to be humble enough to accept other points of view from other people.

We need to be humble enough to try and think of others before our own selves. I was once told off about this and yes, I do see that now. See that what he said is true although maybe that time I did feel like I was being unfairly judged but that doesn't matter. That unfair judgement did teach me something which I think is more important.

There's a blessing in everything that happens and if we try hard enough to understand, insyaAllah we'll be able to see those blessings...even in events we least expect ^_^