Monday, December 12, 2011

Using your talent...

...for a greater purpose :)

MasyaAllah...let's take a 10 minute break from whatever we are doing to take a look at this.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My medicine today :)

Salam alayk brothers and sisters ^_^

Subhanallah, Allah led me to this video and I would really love to share it with you. May it be one of the things that cleans us, softens our hearts and give us calmness. Reminding us of things we may have forgotten. InsyaAllah~

Friday, December 9, 2011

'If things were easy to find, they wouldn't be worth finding'

Those words spoke to my heart...and for once after a long time...I managed to really cry.
Not just for any reason, but for the right one :)

Just as I've always believed, nothing beats crying for Allah. Nothing.

Salam alayk brothers and sisters ^_^

What has it been...3 months? I'm sorry. Hee... Writing a blog isn't just about writing for the sake of it. Wouldn't wanna go on posting without purpose right? InsyaAllah, that purpose has returned and here I am now in the last month of this year. I had a thought, in fact many thoughts rushed into my mind when I first heard those words in the title being said...but the one thing above them all in the midst of rushing memories...was Allah.

We all like simple things don't we? Easy stuff. Things that are not complicated (okay I'm just rewording everything here :P) but the fact is... life isn't just one simple thing. It's an orchestra of many things interrelated yet so beautifully created by Allah that it all makes sense to be intertwined with each other. Everything is so special...that generalizing just doesn't do justice to His creations, including you.

I think (and yes this is purely what I think) that it is important to not keep saying or implying that there is something wrong with a person just because he or she sees things or does things in a different way. Not to say that people do this or anything. It's just a mere thought. Something to reflect upon by myself first and foremost and all of you. One has to believe in oneself, in his or her own capability. Look for it and use it. The journey to Allah isn't the same for everyone. It's different, tailored in fit each of us in the way that suits us best.

Because like I keep saying, Allah knows best and He sure knows how to make life interesting.

This year has taught me a lot and one of the most important things is how to feel and really mean what I say. Words are not enough. Sure they sound nice, make you think etc...but they are not enough. They are merely words unless you do something about it. That's exactly it, you have to do something about it.

I have been looking for something for quite a long while now and I guess it disheartened me the fact that it was so difficult, the fact that it felt so unreachable...but now I know that whatever it is...insyaAllah, I cannot and will not stop trying...because I know with all my heart that it is worth finding.

I just have to have the guts to do it :P and patience above all.

Let us all keep praying for each other, coz surely...we all need it.