Saturday, February 28, 2009

3rd one for today...

...because I'm disappointed.

How did this happen? Let's just say I found out something hurtful. Partly it's my fault, I mean it's not like I totally didn't know. I guess I wanted to believe it wasn't true but in the end the truth smacks me in the face, literally. [ouch]

Ever felt like at that one instant you couldn't breathe coz you were just so shocked? I felt that way.

I'm so sad...

but, I've got to pull myself together. I must. This is one of the moments where I feel so alone as I cannot confide in anybody. Nobody except one;

I've wanted to share this saying with all of you. Now seems to be the best moment.
Bila engkau memandang segalanya dari Tuhan-mu,yang menciptakan segalanya,yang menimpakan ujian,yang membuat keinginan terhalang dan menyusahkan hidupmu,pasti akan damailah hatimu kerana masakanAllah sengaja mentakdirkan segalanya untuk sesuatu yang sia-sia.Bukan Allah tidak tahu derita hidupmu,retaknya hatimu,tapi mungkin itulah yang Dia mahu kerana Dia tahu hati-hati sebeginilah yang selalunya lebih lunak dan mudah untuk dekat dan akrab dengan-Nya.
Perhaps it was just not meant to be. I was foolish to think otherwise.
I'm still sad though, but it'll subside. I have to be strong.

.:The power of three:.


These three... XD

Hannah, Haziq & Hasha

Last Saturday I went to visit my grandma at my aunt's house. She just had her operation and I had to see how she was. Thankfully she's fine. Surely there's pain after surgery, I should know. Even a small incision can affect you for a few days. A larger one at the stomach would be worse. It's sad to be helpless, not being able to do much but I hope my presence did change something. To have company always lessens pain right?

Well to brighten things up are those three up there. ;) my dear cousins.

They can get you running round the house! haha...The smallest one (a year old); Hasha can walk now. There was one time she walked to my grandma and called out ,'Pah...' Isn't that cute? I've only heard her say 'Ma' before this. haha... Usually she'd scream when other people go near her, except her parents of course. Somehow this time she warmed up to me! :D She let me carry her around and even laughed!

Abah, jgn jealous ye? :P She screams the loudest when my dad's around. hehe...

As for Hannah and Haziq, they've been okay with me already. They used to be all silent but now silence isn't an option.


Me : What's my name?

Both of them :

Very devastating =.=


Me : What's my name?

Both of them : Kak Dira! (without hesitation! :D)

At last. :P hehe

You should hear how they pronounce my name. :P I was eating some chocolates and Hannah wanted one too. Look what happened...

And she's happy about it.

:) I surely had fun that weekend. It's the right place for pah to be. Kids have so much life that you can't help but smile when you're around them. Get better soon ey pah? InsyaAllah.

Salam Alayk~

Hello everyone. My previous blog had problems and I couldn't update so welcome to my new blog. :) Perhaps it's a sign or something. Haha...

Here I start anew. Alhamdulillah...

How have things been lately? Well second semester offers so much more new experiences. Very different from last semester. Life becomes more worth while when you know what's important. I went to a talk yesterday by a doctor. He asked this question to all of us.

where are you from?

What would you answer?

Your state? Your hometown? Now that's where we're mistaken. We have forgotten one thing way back in time. Let me ask again.

where are you from?

The answer would be -heaven-

'Wahai anak cucu Adam. Janganlah sampai kamu tertipu oleh syaitan
sebagaimana halnya dia (syaitan) telah mengeluarkan
ibu & bapamu dari syurga...'

[Al-A'raf 7:27]

That was where we were from. How could we forget? Because Satans will never leave us alone and for us to be ignorant is bliss to them. What else did the doctor say?

"Kita datang dari syurga jadi janganlah duduk lama-lama
sangat kat dunia ni. Berusahalah untuk pulang ke tempat asal kita;

That statement tickled me. Very simple yet very true. Why do we bother so much about this world? I can't deny that I too seem to act as if the world is everything. It's time to change that coz truth is, the world is not even close to everything.
You know lately I miss school a lot? Seriously. Memories of boarding school life are hard to forget. Ironic isn't it, I used to wonder when school would finish. Now that it's been over for more than a year is sad. Haha... Humans are just never satisfied. :P Mind you I'm totally not proud of that.

Friends around us help though. So, be among the right people. Talking about school, I remembered what a senior said before. If we happen to meet our friends after a long time not meeting each other we always ask 'how are you?' right?

Instead of 'apa khabar?' try adding this...
'apa khabar iman?'

Macam tu baru betul ;) Sebab iman tu yang kita nak tau sihat ke tak.

So, you the one reading... how's your iman? :)