Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Islam datang dengan hujah, bukan dengan emosi."

Pesanan dari ustaz.

Betul, memang begitulah yang sepatutnya. Namun keadaan hari ini, lebih ramai umat Islam yang beremosi tanpa dapat menegakkan kebenaran dengan hujah. Teguran buat diri sendiri dan juga buat kamu saudara-saudaraku. Kita masih perlu banyak belajar.

It's sad coz I realise how I can't be assertive enough to point out what's right and because of that, yang batil pula tertegak sedangkan yang hak tertimbus :(

Friday, March 19, 2010

Is what I do significant?

I watched a movie trailer earlier today and there was a man who said this,

"Ghandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it's very important that you do it."

Now how would you interpret that? Well what came to mind when I heard that is I realised how things in life just don't last. They don't, which is why they are said to be insignificant. Why then did Ghandhi say it's very important that we do it anyway? Sort of doesn't make sense right? Well I say, it's because in actual fact what we do IS significant. Why? Because what we do now here in our lifetime is what determines our fate in the hereafter. The hereafter which is eternal unlike this temporary world. An eternal life in akhirat rests upon what we do now...doesn't that make your actions now significant?

You see, realising this we should be comforted in knowing that everything we do counts. Nothing is a waste. Nothing is insignificant. Perhaps what we do may be insignificant to other people but then again don't be so sure about that. People don't realise what we do, so what? You know Allah knows, right? Just because people don't know it doesn't mean what you do is insignificant. We usually don't realise how our existence affects all that is around us. Some way or another we're all connected and with that, we influence one another in good ways and regrettably in bad ways too. It's a matter of choice how we choose to influence others.

"Dan carilah (pahala) negeri akhirat dengan apa yang telah dianugerahkan Allah kepadamu, tetapi janganlah kamu lupakan bahagianmu di dunia dan berbuat baiklah (kepada orang lain)sebagaimana Allah telah berbuat baik kepadamu, dan janganlah kamu berbuat kerosakan di bumi. Sungguh, Allah tidak menyukai orang yang berbuat kerosakan."

[Al-Qasas 28:77]

My brothers and sisters, you are significant ;)
Who says you can't learn something from a movie trailer ey? :P

Istimewanya seorang mukmin.

Diriwayatkan oleh Imam Muslim melalui sahabat bernama Abu Yahya Suhaib bin Sinan r.a., Nabi Muhammad S.A.W bersabda,

"Ajaib sungguh dengan keadaan seorang mukmin. Keadaannya sentiasa dalam kebaikan dan ini tidak berlaku melainkan hanya pada diri seorang mukmin. Sekiranya dia menerima nikmat kesenangan, dia bersyukur lalu itu menjadi kebaikan kepadanya. Dan sekiranya dia menerima ujian kesusahan, dia bersabar lalu itu juga menjadi kebaikan kepadanya."

Begitulah kelebihan yang diberikan Allah S.W.T kepada seorang mukmin yang menerima apa jua keadaannya dalam keadaan redha dan positif :) MasyaAllah~ Tenang.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Allah sedang berbicara denganmu...

...tidakkah engkau mahu mendengar bicaraNya itu? ^_^

Salam alayk my brothers and sisters,

Do you believe in that? Believe that Allah is telling you something. Believe that Allah is giving you hints and teaching you.

Well I do :) and I do now more than ever.

Sometimes, we just look at things the way they are without spending time to actually think about them in greater depth. I remember once when I was angry and you know what came to mind in the midst of that anger? I thought to myself, is Allah angry with me? Astaghfirullah halazim. I stopped myself from saying anything and instead I chose silence for I feel that my tongue will not be wise if it speaks. For I feel that my mind was clouded and my heart was not in place.

When we are angry, we don't think much. It just consumes us. That moment it's as if we're of a higher level than the person we're mad at when in actual fact we're not. It seems as though in our minds, we have the right to not forgive. I don't think this is true which is why now, I end up crying if I get so mad. Why? Because I don't want to be mad but being human for that split second I got upset. Remember the 16th hadith from the 40 hadiths of Imam Nawawi?

"La taghdob." (Don't be angry)

Back to what I said just now, I thought to myself is Allah angry with me? Naudzubillah... I wouldn't want that. No one would and I would pray that He'd forgive me. I'd remember that no matter how many wrong doings I'd do, no matter how many times I'd do it, He will always...always forgive me provided I repent. He will always forgive when I ask for forgiveness and He'd love me even more.

How different our Creator is from us His mere servants. We are so impatient and tend to act rashly but

Thinking about it that way makes me feel ashamed for being mad in the first place. It makes me realise how terrible it is to anger someone and worse anger Allah. Alhamdulillah, rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah itu lebih luas dari kemarahanNya.

Allah sedang berbicara denganku..."Jangan marah, Nadira."

Tidakkah aku mahu mendengar? :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A lesson from just looking at nature...

I looked out at the sea, as far as my eyes could reach for me and there I see a clear line. A separation of the skies above and the water below. A separation so clear that it is impossible for one to mistaken one from the other, I thought to myself at that moment of another clear separation.

The line separating good & evil.

Two very different things that will never be the same. Two things in which we are given the choice to choose from. The line between them is clear. There should be no confusion. Don't let satan blur that line for you. Don't let satan make you see as though they are the same. Good can never be the same as evil and neither can evil be good. Purify your heart for only with that can you see past all the lies and tricks of satan. Choose with that pure heart. Choose what is good and once chosen, bring your whole self into it.

Why remember the past when you have found something better? Why continue what is bad when you have embraced goodness? Why hold on to a little bit of darkness whan you have seen and felt the warmth of light? Why choose jahiliah when there is Islam? There's no reason for it... right? We have to learn to let go of things that we're better off without.

Firman Allah S.W.T,

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam Islam secara keseluruhan, dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah-langkah syaitan. Sungguh ia musuh yang nyata bagimu."

[Al-Baqarah 2:208]

It's either you're in or you're out. You can't be both...maka dengan sebab itu, masuklah ke dalam Islam secara keseluruhan saudara-saudaraku. Berusahalah untuk membersihkan sisa-sisa jahiliah dalam diri sehingga benar-benar bersih.

"Dan jika syaitan mengganggumu dengan suatu godaan, maka mohonlah perlindungan kepada Allah. Sungguh, Dialah Yang Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui."

[Fussilat 41:36]

Ask to be protected, ask to be strong. Change while you still can :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mari bermuhasabah :)

"Jujurlah terhadap diri sendiri ketika bermuhasabah. Perbetulkan satu persatu kesalahan kita. Jangan nafikan realiti. Setelah disedari kelemahan dan kesilapan kita, maka akui hakikat itu. Ingat, kita perlu maafkan diri kita kerana kita juga perlu mangasihi diri kita sendiri."

I found this while reading one day. It made me think. Have I been honest with myself? If I have, was I too harsh? I still have a long way to go and there is still so much to think about.

Years ago, my best friend and I wrote a letter to ourselves. A letter of forgiveness. Truthfully, I didn’t quite feel it then. How it’s like to forgive yourself. What it means to do so. I think now, I’m beginning to see. Us humans, we can never run from making mistakes. Yes that much is true but we don’t say it as an excuse for us to do wrong but rather so that our hearts don’t get too upset if we do wrong coz that just shows that we’re human and there’s nothing wrong with being just that..right?

A friend told me once, that Allah created us with weaknesses. Not to say that He is weak for that is not His trait. We are created perfectly by Him. What’s weak here is us and that weakness is there so that we ask from Him. So that we depend on Him and Him alone. So that we realise that we have nothing aside from what He wills to give us. How poor we are to all that He has given. That is something we must remember. May He bless that friend of mine.

You know, I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time now but it seems so difficult. It feels like a precious gift has been taken away from me in which I have no control over. It’s sad when I feel as if my words don’t reach you, as though my words you can’t comprehend. Subhanallah...That just shows His Greatness over all don’t you think? That just shows how weak we are without Him. I can’t even control something as simple as writing.

I don’t know about you, but as for me I’m very fond of crying. Crying on my own for Allah. I guess I’ve mentioned that before. Even that simple act of crying is beyond my control and at times when my tears just won’t fall I get so upset and frustrated with myself. I know I shouldn’t be, but you know how emotions can sometimes get to me. Maybe I have been too harsh on myself. Do I think too much? I guess I do sometimes. In moments like this, I’d think of what our beloved Prophet has once said to Abu Bakar in the darkness of the cave they were hiding in. He said, “La takhof wa la tahzan, innallaha maana”. It means, don’t be afraid and don’t be sad for Allah is with us.

I should try to believe in myself more...shouldn’t I?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sabar duhai hati ^_^

"ALLAH melapangkan bagimu, supaya engkau tidak selalu berada dalam kesempitan, dan ALLAH menyempitkan bagimu supaya engkau tidak hanyut dalam kelapangan, dan ALLAH melepaskan engkau daripada kedua-duanya, supaya engkau tidak bergantung kepada sesuatu selain daripada ALLAH."

Pesanan ini turut buat diri sendiri agar sentiasa beringat. InsyaAllah hati akan lebih tabah menghadapi apa jua yang ditakdirkan Allah. Sungguh, perlu yakin dan sentiasa bersangka baik kepadaMu ya Rabb.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who should I follow?

I'm sure there are times you'd wish you knew exactly what to do to go through life. We tend to look for someone to follow right? Someone whom we see to have succeeded so that hopefully by following that person we would succeed too. Now the question is, who is the one worthy of following?

"Sungguh, telah ada pada (diri) Rasulullah itu, suri teladan yang baik bagimu (iaitu) bagi orang yang mengharap (rahmat) Allah dan (kedatangan) hari kiamat dan yang banyak mengingat Allah."
[Al-Ahzab 33:21]

There you go. An answer from Allah :) He says that Rasulullah S.A.W our beloved prophet is the best example for us to follow. Since this is Allah who's recommending, do you feel it is wise to think that anyone else is a better example? ^_^

You see, why is it that all the great people we know in Islam are great? Are they superhumans of some sort? No. They are great alhamdulillah, because they strive hard to live their life following Rasulullah. They take it seriously when they say Lailahaillallah, muhammadurrasulullah. Serious in the sense that they acknowledge our prophet by following him in every way possible. When you think it over, they are human too. Just like me and you. Betapa adilnya Allah. Contoh yang diberikan tidak mustahil untuk diikuti. So, what's stopping us from being great? What's stopping us from following Rasulullah? We all do have the chance.

It's a matter of you believing in that or not. I'm not saying that we can't inspire to be like other people. Surely those we feel closer to us in which we can relate to would seem more realistic to follow. I'm only pointing out who's best :)

So my brothers and sisters, don't you want to follow 'the chosen one'? ^_^

Friday, March 5, 2010

Salam Alayk :)

Oh dear it's been such a while since I wrote. I do notice and frankly I feel ever so guilty :( Sorry about that cay? Thing is I'm currently having my trials. Another week to go until I finish. You see when I write posts, I tend to write on and on till I'm at it for hours! And I can't afford to do so these past few weeks. Let's just say this post is to say how I miss writing here and to tell you that I haven't forgotten and neither have I stopped. Many things have happened and insyaAllah, I'll write down the things I wish to share with of all you soon. Surely there will be things to share coz as we live our days it wouldn't be complete without learning something new everyday right? I say, it depends on how you look at things. Whether or not you search for the signs. Whether or not you see those signs staring at you. If you look harder, you'll see that every single thing that happens somehow holds a sign and I'd like to think of it as Allah telling me something everyday...every moment :)

I don't know about you but to me it's sweet. Sweet of Allah to show me signs in this way. Feeling the connection as something strong and ever so close. How He is actually never distant from us and how we are the ones making the distance. Astaghfirullah halazim.

InsyaAllah I shall continue when I have more time to spare.

Till then may Allah bless you and may He bestow upon you the feeling of syukur so that you don't forget Him and stay strong holding on to Him ^_^