Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's a thin line between love and hate...

…and I think that line is getting thinner until I’m unsure how to differentiate between the two.

Let’s see the response of different people towards what I think as stated above. Read it according to the tones they’d use. Can you do that? (exclusively for my INTEC friends) hehe :P

What I’d say: Aww man!

Syadiee: This is not good.

Hisham: Why not?

Rafi: But then…

Huda: Maybe.

Liyana: Not really.

Syida: Apa dia?

Mirul: Pastu?

Syed: No..no..no…

Che’ Ain: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Zaharah: AAAAA! (terkejut dengan statement tu :P)

An: Ikot ah…

Adiq: So what?

=_= huhu…just for laughs. I wonder if anyone can correctly read all the above. I know I can. hehe :P

But hey, the statement above isn’t for fun. It really is something on my mind right now. Any views on the matter? Feel free to comment.

p/s: to my dear friends, no offence ey mates? ngee ^_^

Monday, July 27, 2009


“…And it is better for you that you fast, if you only knew.”

[Al-Baqarah 2:184]

Salam Alayk my brothers and sisters :) Apa khabar iman? I haven’t asked that for a long time. Shame on me. Ish…ish…ish…

I’m home now. Got back yesterday for the sudden 1 week holiday. To my dear cousins Zareen & Mira don’t be jealous. My next holiday will only be when it’s time to celebrate Eid Mubarak. I won’t be breaking fast in Ramadhan at home at all you see due to this holiday so there’s really nothing to be jealous about :)

Yesterday was very temperamental. I had some issues to sort out and at first it really hurt me but I’ve learnt to be strong and I tell you the 2 days of fasting before that really did help in giving my heart strength. I can’t explain it but really, it gave me strength.

I can be really pathetic at times. I apologize for that to those who have to be around me. Sorry.

Now is the month of Syaaban. Have you been taking the opportunities given by Allah to you on this blessed month? Sure there are many things that can be done but what I’m referring to now is fasting. Have you been fasting? I’ve already missed 3 days :( a bit of a waste there but its okay coz what’s done is done. Time to look ahead and hopefully I’d be able to fast more :)

Like the verse above taken from the Quran, it’s better for us that we fast if only we knew. Isn’t that a regrettable tone? “..if only you knew.” Meaning to say here is that we are ever so ignorant to how special fasting can be.

Fasting isn’t only in Ramadhan. We know that don’t we? Then why is it so weird to see a person fast outside of it? Because it’s out of the norm to most people and there’s no one to blame but yourself for this. Seems like something small doesn’t it? I mean fasting, what’s the big deal? But then again, it’s small things that give big impacts, sadly their always forgotten.

I’m only saying what I think and so it might not be right but you dear reader, think about it anyway. No harm done :)

There’s a verse in the Quran but I can’t remember which :( I’ll get back to that cay but what it says is that, in doing something for Allah even if it seems very hard for you to do (meaning you really don’t feel like doing it up to the point that it seems like you’re not sincere or because it’s difficult) just do it anyway because that’s what’s better for you.

That verse get’s me going and so I’ll find it and post it next week cay? (tafsir tinggal kat cemara. *pinches self*)

Oh well, think about it. Don’t you wanna fast this month? :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sudden holiday?

Yup, that's right. One whole week of it due to the H1N1 spreading. Saw it coming really but why am I not thrilled? I find it weird myself. Usually I'd rejoice over holidays and we're not talking about a day or two here, we're talking about ONE WEEK.

:) okay...a smile there but truth is I really am not that thrilled. Going back this Sunday and will be back on the next. Syukur Alhamdulillah that for now, I'm still healthy. But then again for those who are sick, there is also need for syukur. Don't forget that.

It's true that when we fall sick we feel ever so weak. Somehow even simple things turn difficult and for me I'd feel as if I'm burdening others. Not a pleasant feeling being sick but then again it's actually a matter of perception. How do you perceive your sickness?

Bad luck? A nuisance? Wrong timing? Unfairness?

Now that's where you're wrong. Think of it differently next time. Illness is actually cure. Ironic but true. Cure to what you ask? Cure to the heart & soul. When you're sick, whether you like it or not you realise your weakness. There you are unable to control yourself. You realise that the body you call yours is actually out of your control. Let's just say, being sick is what makes you human. One of the things that is and because of that you need it.

"Tiap dari kita telah diberi kekuatan. Bila Allah uji kita dengan sakit, kita rasa lemah tapi percayalah kekuatan itu masih ada"

The above sent by somebody and not meant for me but I'd never forget.

Dear brothers and sisters, take care~

Salam :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A hadith to ponder upon today.

Rasulullah bersabda, 'Sesungguhnya hati manusia akan berkarat sebagaimana besi yang dirosakkan oleh air.' Seorang sahabat bertanya, 'Apakah caranya menjadikan hati itu bersinar kembali?' Maka jawab Rasulullah, 'Banyakkan mengingati maut dan membaca Al-Quran'
[Riwayat Baihaqi dan Ibn Umar]

The heart... something crucial to take care of. The root of everything really. What you do, what you say, how you think etc. portrays how your heart is. I tend to be negative about myself but a catch here is I believe there is still some purity there somewhere. It might be little but it definitely is there. All is not yet lost and as stated above that purity can shine again.

Dear heart, be strong....


p/s: Someone once told me that a person has 4 eyes. 2 eyes that we use to see what lies before us (physical beings and such) and 2 eyes in our hearts for us to see beyond what is apparent. To you the one telling me this, may I be able to understand our current predicament and handle it in the best way possible.

Will our hearts understand each other? Allah will be the judge of that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A note

Last Saturday I met up with 4 of my oldest friends. Not to say their old or anything (although they actually kinda are :P) but their the ones I spent most of my time with during my high school years. The dearest ones to me I'd say and I just noticed they all start with the letter 'A'. Cool ey? Such a coincidence. haha :)

Spending time with them was great. We were most of the time walking around getting lost but no matter, what's important to me always is their company :) Company I'd never get elsewhere.

Sometimes, there's no need for talk. Presence is enough. Presence is what makes me feel safe. At least to me that's how it is. (applicable in a few 'different' cases mind you :P)

Anyway, what I meant to write here is a note written in a book Arine gave me. 'The Road to Mecca'...I have yet to finish it. Just read a few pages but what caught me wasn't the book. (at least not yet...it really is a great book) She wrote me a note~

'God designs for each man and each woman a path unlike any other, yet all these paths, some smooth and some stony, have led to the same end, the same HOMECOMING'

- Gai Eaton -

Beautiful isn't it? Looking back, that homecoming is where we all come from. A long lost memory in our minds. A memory meant for us to forget only as a test to our faith. We all come from the same place and that is where we shall all return. Doesn't it touch your heart? To be ripped off the memory where we all swore to Allah that He is our One and Only. To be ripped off the memory of the world beyond us now. To be ripped off from the true meaning of life.

It's sad, but there is no use in regretting the lost memory that shall forever be lost. We start fresh now, going along the paths meant for us. Along these paths some cross each other, some never meet and some forever intertwined. Whichever way we go, finally, we shall meet the same end.

My brothers and sisters, think about it. May we find the right path...always.

As for me...this is the path I walk~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evolution on monday morning

It's raining now but as I've mentioned before I dearly love the rain :) except when it traps me in the library though...haha...but no matter, still loving it.

So what's with monday morning? I'd say something interesting happened in class. 1st period was Biology~ and we had a different approach today. My lecturer gave us 6 scientific articles to read through beforehand especially for today. What was the topic?


Well not exactly evolution but along those lines. She came in class and all of us sat in a circle for this big discussion. 'Evolution' a big word now don't you think? Supposedly explaining our existence but how true is it? Surely all of you know Darwin right? Well Darwin was famous for the book he wrote; The Origin of Species. Many controversies resulted concerning the origin of us humans, whether or not we evolved from apes. I'd say of course not! But in order to say that, I must have a solid reason as to why. Reading the articles got me thinking. Not about whether or not the theory is true but about how I would justify it as being untrue. Scientists who came up with this theory are not just any Tom, Dick and Harry. For that I'd say they should be given respect for their opinions. Evolution is not just about apes becoming humans, it's also about other organisms forming a whole new species for their survival. There's a whole wider story to it and at some point the theory does fit but only to a certain extent.

You know what I think? I think the actual truth is it comes down to only ONE question.

'How did anything at all come to being?'

On a small scale perhaps we can explain for instance the different species of cats. Looking back, they'd come from a common ancestor and up to that point we can explain their origin but how about the origin of that ancestor and the ancestor to that ancestor? Moving higher up, we're at a loss. Harshly said, "Where the hell did everything come from? Arghhh!!!" (perhaps one of the monologues of a scientist? haha :P)

We are faced with one truth here. A truth some people would deny.

There are things in life that science just CANNOT explain.

Don't get me wrong though, knowing the above statement shouldn't stop us from trying our best to discover what's out there. It shouldn't stop us from trying to explain things coz we do know that there is no end to Allah's knowledge. The above statement is merely for us to know when to stop.

An explanation of the existence of nature used by many is that it simply existed. Nature is just there. If you ask me that explanation doesn't sound scientific at all yet people use it. Why? Because they have no answers.

This is where faith comes in. When discussing issues like this, I believe we should be open minded in hearing opinions from others. Put ourselves in their shoes for once, try seeing things from their perspective and not be biased to what we already know to be the truth. To me, only then will we make them see what we see. Only then will we be able to make them see the truth.

The truth in which there is no such thing as a 'design without a designer'. No such thing as a creation without a creator except for one which is Allah. Everything in this world has it's creator and that sole creator is Allah.

My brothers and sisters we have the answers. We have the answers to the extent that Allah gives us. To the extent that Allah shows us. Science may not be able to prove it but then again even science is His creation.

No creation is perfect but the Creator (Allah S.W.T) is.

Thank Allah for His religion coz without it we'd go mad. Without it, our questions would have been left unanswered. There are things we cannot reach. Things not meant for us to venture. Don't go meddling with things we don't know. Trust in Allah coz Allah knows best. Don't just say that but believe it.

It all comes down to one.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


is my number.
What's yours?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What you once told me

"Seseorang manusia harus cukup rendah hati untuk mengakui kesilapannya, cukup bijak untuk mangambil manfaat daripada kegagalannya dan cukup berani untuk membetulkan kesilapannya."

Thank you dear :)

Recognise this guy?

Well the bottom right blew off the name anyway.
Despite the cold and rough exterior,
I like him