Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sincerity gets to people. Don't you think so? I mean somehow, someway or another when someone is sincere you see through. Can't help but smile because of it coz you don't always find people like this in the world now. Read a friends post just now actually and I thank her for making my heart feel so warm. :)

I needed it, eventhough her post had nothing to do with me, not even the slightest but it made me happy :D

Allow me to spread some happiness. I don't know if I mentioned this before but to my friends around me, I wanna tell you that you're very much appreciated. Really :) Thanks for being there for me. I'd like to specifically say it out but perhaps I shouldn't. haha... One thing's for sure is, for once I felt cared for :)

You see I have this mentality that nobody cares about me. Childish? Pathetic? Yeah I know but that's how I feel. We often overlook things that we have so I guess that's what lead me to that mentality. I've overlooked those that actually do care about me : Sorry~ I guess we need evidence, that's why. Oh well, actions speak louder than words so if you don't feel like saying it out, act it out. [does that make sense? :P] haha...

Point is dear reader, I'm happy and I want you to be happy too. ^_^

Monday, March 30, 2009

Six o'clock...

That's when I left the library today but truth is I didn't get to study much really. *sigh* I must do something about my will power or else I'm gonna suffer later. :S Anybody out there who can help me? (smacks herself. Brain says, "You've gotta learn to help yourself first, dira") =_=

Waiting for the bus to move, I looked outside and had to snap pictures. Take a look :)

Intec sky at 6 0'clock? :P

Subahanallah :) I don't know what you think but I think the sky looked so pretty. This is the best I could get from where I was but I tell you to witness it for real is ultimately better. When you see all this greatness in creation, do remember the Creator. :) Sesungguhnya dalam ciptaan alam itu terdapat tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah bagi orang yang berfikir. Which means in order to see we must think, only then are we doing justice to our minds that are given to us. Even if it's just for a little while. After all, we must always remember Allah.

"Maka ingatlah kepadaKu, Aku pun akan ingat kepadamu..."

[Al-Baqarah 2:152]

Let me just say something here, many of you don't like to read long posts right? People for example hisham 9m5 :P. Well gotta tell you you're missing a lot because of that. As my motive is to spread knowledge to others it wouldn't be achieved if people don't read so I'll try to make them short and concise next time okay? But having long ones once in a while shouldn't be a problem right? We must learn to read more to aqcuire knowledge. Hehe :P

By the way, since I found two blogs who have failed to introduce their photographer in a recent event allow me to present her to you then :)

Nadira Ahmad Termizi XD

Haha :D Salam~

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Is nobody gonna help me find out what extreme means? :( I really want to know your point of view. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or what you do (macam lagu backstreet boys lak :P) whatever you say might help me and whoever else that's reading to get closer to Allah. Won't you want to give a helping hand in that?

P/s: to answer the question you must first read 'Perfection Part 2'. I know it's long but for this particular question it only involves the last paragraphs. Scroll down straight to it then. :D

Perfection Part 2

Well now let's continue. :)

On to the 4 aspects of life.

1st off is Physical Limitations~
-at birth, born weak
-no choice of parents
-no control of the environment
-no control of SELF
-many threats

We don't realise how weak we are sometimes, especially when things have been going our way for a long time. The fact is we are weak. Notice that we don't even have control on ourselves. Remember what we read in the doa after reciting Al-Mathurat?

[Walaa takkilna ilaa anfusinaa tharfata'ainin walaa aqalla mindzhaalika yaa ni'malmujiib]
"Jangan (Ya Allah) Engkau biarkan nasib kami ditentukan oleh diri kami sendiri; walaupun kadar sekelip mata atau kadar masa yang lebih mudah dan cepat wahai Tuhan yang memperkenankan doa (perkenankanlah)"

We ask for ourselves not to be controlled by ourselves. Why? Because we do not know what's best for us. Allah does. We face many threats too that we have no control on whatsoever so there is just no way to be perfect. PHYSICALLY, we can't.

BUT to excellence, there's a way.

Humans despite the limitations I mentioned, have the capability of stretching their potentials. This way we are able to do great things but don't forget that even this is provided that Allah wills it.

2nd would be Intellectual Limitations~
-stupidity, idiocy
-wrong shifts in paradigms
-mistaken beliefs
-limitations in opportunity

There is no denying that Allah has created some of us to have certain strengths over others. When you're good at something there's surely someone out there who's better and at times you may not be as lucky as others. Wrong shifts in paradigms are so scary to me. Pray to be far from it. Here again you see no way of being perfect but for excellence when it comes to the mind we have the ability to MEMORIZE.

I don't really like that word but I realise now it's importance. There's no running away from it. Your brain capacity can take it so do memorize.

For excellence you need to have a clean HEART~

You know the requirement of taking care of the knowledge you have? One way it may leak is by looking at 'aurat'. It sure is difficult for men nowadays coz so many girls aren't taking care of their aurat. Be it muslims or non-muslims it will affect you. But to my brothers be strong. Again I say be strong. To my sisters it's easier for us since men at least here in Malaysia don't show off their aurat like women but don't take things for granted. Watch your eyes from sights you're not supposed to see. Conclusion for this part is, we are not INTELLECTUALLY capable of being perfect.

3rd is Emotional Limitations~
-chemical impact on emotion
-suicidal tendencies

Ahh...how I relate to this very much. (pinches self :P) For excellence follow the ways of our Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. There are a few stories that the speaker mentioned that touched me very much. It's not that I've never heard of them but the fact that I have forgotten to use those examples made my eyes teary. How easily we forget. Stories next time alright? :) That'll give you something to await for at least. Stories like these are so beneficial and so to spread from mouth to mouth would be so much greater than other stories. ;) And as the above two, we are EMOTIONALLY incapable of perfection.

4th is Spiritual Limitaions~
-don't realise existence of spirit
-spiritual emptiness
-loneliness inside

Another moment to pinch myself! haha :P We are so not doing justice to our souls aren't we? Why? We pay too much attention to this walking, breathing, making mistakes body. :P For excellence we must be fair in treating the two. Now remember, fairness is not about equality. It's about doing what's right. (meletakkan sesuatu pada haknya) Have we deprived our souls from it's right? I know I have :( also some stories to share but again, later cay? :) so finally we are not SPIRITUALLY perfect.

So brothers & sisters to achieve perfection is not quite right. We should strive for excellence. But hey, don't completely forget the word 'perfect'. Perfection is saved for us in heaven. To put it simply, it's not the right time for perfection. Be patient because insyaAllah, you will get to experience what's perfect when the time comes :)

You know, nearing the end of his talk, the speaker mentioned,
"Any form of extremism is not acceptable"

I asked him how do we know whether the extent of what we're doing is extreme? Ye la orang Melayu selalu kata kalau nak buat sesuatu tu buatlah dengan bersederhana dan jangan berlebih-lebih. Tapi apakah yang dikatakan 'lebih'?

He answered that it depends on the situation a person is in. Yup, that helped me but I would like to hear other opinions as well. You reading, please help me. An example I'd give would be this. We feel it's important to explore as much as possible the creations of Allah. We want to study many things at once. Does that make us extreme? If it does, how about those before us who are masters in many fields? 2nd situation is we realise that we must submit ourself to Allah and do as much ibadah as we can. By doing that are we said to be too much? If so, how about those before us that even pray up to more than 300 rakaat per day and khatam the quran every week? What exactly is extreme? Do comment on this.

Finally the end of a very long post. haha... For those who made it till this line, thank you for reading :) May Allah bless you.


Salam Alayk :)

Let's not dwell over silly things anymore okay? I apologize for the previous posts that haven't been that important. Well, despite that I hope those of you reading could get something out of it at least. I try to convey useful messages in my posts and eventhough recent events cause me a certain degree of grief it's okay. Why? Because humans are not perfect. That's how it is so deal with it. :P

It's late now but since I'm in the mood, don't mind me writing okay? Just now in conjunction with the closing ceremony of the 2009 I-CODE there was a talk. The question was, "How to be a perfect human?"


The speaker first asked us all a question. He said "Before asking how to be a perfect human you must first know why you want to be a perfect human. So, why?"

I couldn't answer this properly just now. Hmm...Think about it. Why? When I was thinking, suddenly a thought struck me. Do I want to be perfect in the 1st place actually? Haha...questions leading to more questions. Shows how ignorant we are. Now in this case ignorance is NOT BLISS. We must know and so that's why we must continue exploring the mysteries of life for there is no end to Allah's knowledge. Okay, let's not be hypocrites. I'll tell you my first thought when he asked that question. Why do I want to be perfect? Because by being perfect, things are simpler. That's what I thought. Coz if you're perfect then nothing can go wrong.

BUT, as my mind starts thinking further I remembered the feeling of hope. You know when you leave everything to Allah and trust in Him? When you have that strong will to improve, the guilt of making mistakes, the sweetness when you repent, the difficulty in doing something and finally getting it right. All those feelings we experience come rushing to me and I said to myself if I were to have to lose all that would I want to be perfect? I don't think so. Especially that sweet feeling of hope towards Allah that can never be replaced by anything. If I have to lose that, I don't wanna be perfect. And so, the question on 'why' is pushed aside :P

The speaker said that perfection is prepared for those who have faith in paradise. He said, "Perfection is what the eyes have not seen, what the ears have not listened to, and what the heart has never felt." You know, whenever something about the heart comes out I have this sudden feeling to cry. Why? Because I felt touched. A woman's heart is very delicate they say. True enough :) and so when he mentioned "...what the heart has never felt." I could feel my heart reaching out as if wanting to know what is it that it has never felt. [sabar dulu ye hati? :P]

So, the subsequent question is what is it that we want? Is it perfection that we're after or is it actually excellence?

It's excellence.
Now this is not impossible to achieve :)

The talk comprised of the 4 aspects of life (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual). What's holding us back from excellence are challenges that we face.
-limited knowledge (ignorance is NOT bliss)

Desires from within ourselves and temptations from the surroundings. This hit me hard. :( Don't know about you :P

The speaker went on further into the 4 aspects of life but since this post is long already I'll continue in the next entry okay? You might be bored if I straight away write all so this is it for now. Some thoughts for you to think about till I write more. :)

Why am I writing all this you ask? Because knowledge is meant to be spread. We must not assume others already know right? :)

"Sebagaimana Kami telah mengutus kepadamu seorang Rasul (Muhammad) dari (kalangan) kamu yang membacakan ayat-ayat Kami, menyucikan kamu, dan mengajarkan kepadamu Kitab (Al-Quran) dan Hikmah (Sunnah), serta mengajarkan apa yang belum kamu ketahui."
[Al-Baqarah 2:151]

Friday, March 27, 2009

I've decided :)

Don't make me change my mind okay? :) After all the decision is mine to make. I'm smiling now, even when this week hasn't been that pretty for many but yes here I am smiling. I admit I was wrong to feel cold towards accusors coz the thing is I brought it to myself. The fault is mine and so I'm sorry for my mistake.

I take this as another direct lesson from Allah and so it is my duty to have learnt something from it otherwise it'd be a waste. Don't worry coz I did learn and here are somethings I'd like to say to a few people.

1. To Arine my dear friend, thanks for calling me yesterday :) I'm glad that even if we're no longer in tkc we maintain a great friendship somehow. Wish you were here though. :P After all, no one has ever gotten as close as you when it comes to understanding me and I mean human in this case of course. What you wrote in our blog is indeed right. I needed to be reminded :P thanks.

2. To Mira yang comel :P You've made me feel so much better today. I know I can always count on you :) thanks a lot.

3. To a person perhaps on the verge of bursting with anger. I'm sorry I caused that anger to strike and to have made you feel the way you feel now. I was ignorant to it but knowing doesn't really help since I don't know what'll make you feel better. Hopefully Allah will help coz He knows best.

4. To an unexpected commentor. Your comments never fail to make me laugh :D

5. And lastly to you although very unlikely for you to read this, I just wanna say don't tell me. You know what I mean and I think we both agree it's for the best. Whatever it is you'd like to say, perhaps it's best to keep. But then again, if you must I do have an answer for you.

I'm moving out from this figureless conflict. Not running away but leaving after realising my mistake. May we all improve and get ourselves nearer to what's most important - Allah. The time now is indeed not right and so wait and be patient. Because we have done wrong, do not feel too bad about it, just get back on the right track.

"Sungguh, orang-orang munafik itu (ditempatkan) pada tingkatan paling bawah dari neraka. Dan kamu tidak akan dapat seorang penolong pun bagi mereka, kecuali orang-orang yang bertaubat dan memperbaiki diri dan berpegang teguh pada (agama) Allah dan dengan tulus ikhlas (menjalankan) agama mereka kerana Allah. Maka mereka itu bersama-sama orang -orang yang beriman dan kelak Allah akan memberikan pahala yang besar kepada orang-orang yang beriman."
[An-Nisa' 4:145&146]


"Sesungguhnya orang yang membawa berita bohong itu adalah dari golongan kamu sendiri. Janganlah kamu mengira berita (yang dusta) itu buruk bagi kamu, bahkan ia baik bagi kamu. Setiap orang dari mereka akan mendapat balasan dari dosa yang diperbuatnya. Dan barangsiapa diantara mereka yang mengambil bahagian terbesar dalam menyiarkan antara mereka, akan beroleh siksa yang besar (di dunia & akhirat). Mengapa orang-orang mukmin & mukminat tidak berbaik sangka terhadap diri mereka sendiri, ketika kamu mendengar berita bohong itu dan berkata, "Ini adalah (suatu berita) bohong yang nyata."
[An-Nur 24:11&12]

Sesungguhnya kalimah-kalimah Allah itulah yang terbaik dan paling tepat untuk menggambarkan perasaan di lubuk hatiku ini, di kala kata-kata ku sendiri tidak dapat menjelaskan apa yang aku rasa. Sungguh Allah itu dekat, bahkan lebih dekat dari jarak dirimu dengan hatimu sendiri. Tahukah kamu akan hal itu? Nadira pun baru tahu. Hanya Allah yang mengetahui rintihan hati ini. Kita kembali kepada Allah kerana dengan itu barulah kita dapat beroleh ketenangan. Jangan hanya di waktu susah tetapi juga di waktu senang.

Fitrah manusia, perlu kepada pergantungan. Apabila kita rasa ingin jatuh kita akan berpegang kepada dahan yang paling kukuh. Sungguh, Allah itulah sebaik-baik pergantungan. Bergantunglah hanya kepada-Nya. Janganlah terlalu sedih ataupun berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Yakin lah kerana Allah itu Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.

[sebenarnya ingin memujuk diri sendiri]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh dear. I finally did my speech for speakers corner but I wish I didn't have to go all nervous. Turned out to be okay, as so people say even when I actually doubt it. I was quite bad actually as some will agree. Oh well all I wanna say is...

Thank you~ for those who were listening :)
It meant a whole lot to me eventhough you just stood there. Again thank you so much.

Ignorance Part 2

Now who would've thought there'd be a part 2? haha... Just shows I'm still a bit emo in some ways. What do I say today?

Well I still agree with my statement earlier. Ignorance is bliss... Being in the state of not knowing saves you from unnecessary thoughts, but I can't change what's destined and so I accept it anyway. I wonder if any of you understand what I meant previously. Perhaps only very few do. Well then what is my situation currently? I'm stuck. Meaning here is I don't know what to do to solve things.

Let me ask you this. Am I at fault for being who I am?


It's troublesome you know. Thinking that just being yourself hurts other people when the intention is not even there. People are fond of quarelling with themselves don't you think? I mean they get so angry at one person without that person knowing what went wrong. Even if that person understood the issue is just ridiculous!

Forgive me for blaberring uncomprehensive things. I've gone through this so many times but hey, people can never get used to the idea of others hating them or anything along those lines. It's just gonna be another hurtful experience all over again.

It's okay, let us look back to Surah Al-Baqarah 2:216....Owh that sure feels better. So I guess I was meant to uncover the truth coz I could handle it because Allah will never give you something you can't handle. Now about this there's another Quran verse but (slaps face) I forgot which one. :( Will get back to it.

Conclusion? Allah knows best :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You know earlier today, well umm not very much earlier just few minutes ago actually, a friend asked me about usrah. All this while I've been in a community that knows the word 'usrah'. Never occured to me that it might be totally foreign to other people. I knew the word when I was 12 years old but never quite understood it like I do now. I think my friends in college got the wrong idea too. We'd say usrah is when we do religious activities. Being in INTEC I know now there is so much to it than just that. This friend of mine [no name disclosed] cannot speak malay but she is interested to join usrah. Alhamdulillah :)

Here's the flaw now isn't it? The language barrier. It's such a pity really. There is so much to learn from each other but due to the fact that we all do not speak one common language things are difficult. Being a Malay, it is all so very natural to discuss issues concerning religion in Malay but don't you realise what happens here? The group becomes more secluded and rather isolated. What I understand about usrah is the importance of spreading knowledge. Spreading awareness to others. Dakwah I should say, aside from strengthening your own iman and learning. Because of this don't you think a various knowledge of language is important? The two common well versed languages would be Malay & English. For my case that is and for many others here in Malaysia. Some people do not see the importance in looking for religious materials in english rather than Malay. This is again such a pity. Language can do a lot of things therefore we should master it. We should change things. Trouble is for me, I don't know where to start. Not even sure how.

Do you?

P/s: I'm giving a speech tomorrow. You're welcome to hear it if you're nearby. "Informing; a responsibility" Pray to Allah I'll do fine okay? Thanks :) May Allah bless you.


They say ignorance is bliss.

True and sometimes not true but in this case I wish I never knew. The things you find out would have been better left unrevealed but what can I do if it comes smacking me in the face like this?

Now there's only one question in my head,

"What have I done?"

I guess my friend was right but I can't change the way I am. At least not certain things about me though I do try. Looks like the world can't accept a person by my name. No bother, I won't give up trying. For now all I can say is this,

Ignorance sure is bliss~

Monday, March 23, 2009


Seriously nothing to do with me but just gonna announce that TUAN EKA IRINA AKMA bought new shoes! :P First attempt in wearing them today in Intec. So people, look for her. hahaha XD (hope she doesn't kill me for this :P)

Okay, so to the real deal. Nothing much actually but I feel like writing. Last week has been tiring. Mentioned the camps right? Even so, I don't regret any of it. Had a great time. Honest! Even now, for those who went to BTN, you'd find them talking on and on about it. From funny memories to akta Perlembagaan all together. :) It's a rare sight to find youngsters talking about Perlembagaan don't you think? I wonder how long it'll last.

Sad part is I wasn't really well during BTN. Played in the rain that weekend you see so I guess that's why. You know, that was my first time playing in the rain. :) Surely a lot of 'been there done that' by you people reading but yeah that really was my first actual time. I think I've mentioned before in my previous blog that I love the rain. The droplets hitting my face just feels comforting. Weird? I think many people feel the same. But there's one thing that people often forget to do when it starts to rain.

Open their umbrella? ......No
Pick up their dry clothes before it gets drenched again? ......No
Bring in your shoes from outside?.....No

So what is it?

People forget to 'DOA'...

When it begins to rain people fret a lot. "Aih, hujan la plak", "Alaa...kenape kene hujan now ni?", "Arghh, habis basah baju aku!"

Now, these people don't realise something important. [including me :( ]

Hujan itu merupakan rahmat daripada Allah. :) Pada ketika hujan itu turun, begitu banyak malaikat rahmat yang turun bersama jadi berdoalah pada waktu itu.

A reminder to me and also to you. So next time, let's not forget okay? :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Something to ponder upon

Took this from my sahabat :)

Semuanya yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Kalaulah manusia tahu hadis ini:

Telah berkata Jibril: 'Wahai Tuhan, Engkau tunaikanlah hajat hambaMu.'
Maka Allah menjawab: 'Biarkan hambaKu itu, kerana Aku mencintai suaranya.'
-Anas bin Malik-
What are your thoughts after reading this?


Dulu, selalu ingat perempuan sahaja yang akan rasa tidak dihargai sekiranya pasangan tidak menyatakan perasaan cinta kepadanya. Rupa-rupanya lelaki pun rasa begitu. Haha... Ustaz yang cakap ni, baru Nadira tahu.

Maknanya manusia ni memang ada perasaan tidak pasti dan mahukan kepastian. Kalau senyap sikit je dah mula rasa gelisah. Mulalah persoalan-persoalan di kepala seperti, “Dia ni dah tak sayang aku lagi ke?” haha...

Dapat kita lihat disini yang manusia mahukan bukti cinta dan manusia mahu dicintai kembali oleh orang yang dicintai. Mengapa begitu susah untuk cinta kepada Rasulullah? Mungkin kerana ketiadaan bukti Rasulullah cintakan kita?

Now that’s where we’re wrong. Who says there is no evidence of his love towards us? My brothers & sisters, indeed Rasulullah loves us very much.

With love, what feeling comes up when you’re far apart?

RINDU (to miss)

There was a time when Rasulullah was among his family and friends. (Eh, tak sedap betul bunyi. Keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat lagi sedap :P) He seemed sad. Sahabat asked him, why are you sad Rasulullah when we are all here near you? He answered something along these lines. “I miss those who love and follow me yet unable to see me.”

Who are those people? It’s US! He refers to us as ‘saudara’an even stronger bond than ‘sahabat’. See, he does love us :)

The most difficult moment of a person’s life is when approaching death.


That time, you’d remember the people you love most and nothing else. You’d keep saying their name. Now tell me what was Rasulullah saying on his death bed? What was he so worried about?


He was thinking of US. His Ummah....He was so worried about US...

Do we ever think of him the way he thinks of us? Instead of fretting thinking that he doesn’t love us I think it should be the other way round. Do we love Rasulullah? Think about it coz that is what’s still uncertain. What’s certain is....


I'm back :)

Salam Alayk :)

Sorry for the long silence. I've been away for 8 days. 2 camps you see and both plenty of new experiences. My friends should know. Having my holiday burnt is sad. Didn't get to send my father off at the airport yesterday but it's okay. May Allah protect him in his journey and when he comes back. Amin~

Yesterday I was fortunate to go to a wonderful theatre in Istana Budaya. :)

'Teater Sirah Junjungan: Karya Erma Fatima'

It was lovely. Syukur akak dari AJK surau ingat kat Nadira. Hari tu ajak sebelum pergi kem. Dapatlah Nadira pergi semalam walaupun sorang-sorang je junior. Sayang betul rakan-rakan lain tak pergi tapi apa nak buat? Limited chairs.

My chair was among the cheapest so we sat far up but still the view was good enough. The acting, costumes, props and soundtracks were great and being a former stage player myself I was really amazed. The stage floors moved! haha...As it was my first visit to Istana Budaya, excuse me for being very excited :P

I was fortunate to get some autographs of the artists involved. A new experience for me in that. They did a good job. Thumbs up!

Melihat kembali sirah Nabi Muhammad memberi bermacam-macam perasaan. Gembira, sedih dan terutama sekali rindu. Rindu kepada Nabi yang tidak berpeluang diri ini berada dengannya, mendengar suaranya mahupun menatap wajahnya. Sungguh beruntung umat terdahulu namun jangan kita lupa bahawa kita juga sangat beruntung. Walaupun tidak hidup pada zaman itu, Rasulullah tidak pernah melupakan kita. Bahkan baginda merindui kita. Kita, umatnya yang tidak pernah melihatnya tetapi beriman kepada Allah dan pesuruh Allah. Dugaan kita berat tapi percayalah yang kita akan dapat berjumpa juga dengan baginda satu hari nanti.

Pernahkah anda terfikir ingin berjumpa dengan Rasulullah?

Hari tu sebelum pergi kem ada ceramah Maulidur Rasul kat Dewan Seminar Cemara. Ramai jugak yang tak dapat pergi tapi tak mengapa, apa-apa sahaja pekerjaan yang dilakukan demi Allah itu tidak pernah sia-sia. Nadira boleh cerita sikit la.

"...Keluarkanlah kaummu daripada kegelapan kepada cahaya terang benderang dan ingatkanlah mereka kepada hari-hari Allah..."

[Ibrahim 14:5]

Benda ni pun Nadira baru je perasan dalam Quran. Allah menyeru kita untuk mengingat hari-hari Allah kerana terdapat tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah bagi setiap orang penyabar dan bersyukur. Hari-hari Allah disini bermaksud peristiwa yang terjadi pada kaum-kaum terdahulu yang menigingatkan kita kepada Allah. Di sini ialah peristiwa kelahiran Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Tujuan menyambut Maulidur Rasul bukanlah sembarangan tetapi untuk kita mengingati sejarah. Yang pergi BTN hari tu mesti sedar betapa pentingnya sejarah kan? Betullah, kerana sejarah tidak pernah berbohong.

"Dan semua kisah rasul-rasul, Kami ceritakan kepadamu, agar dengan kisah itu Kami teguhkan hatimu dan di dalamnya telah diberikan kepadamu kebenaran, nasihat dan peringatan bagi orang yang beriman."

[Hud 11:120]

Mari kita renungkan perkataan sejarah di dalam bahasa Arab iaitu Ibrah. Ibrah asalnya daripada perkataan Abarah yang bermaksud menyeberang. Mengapa Allah memilih perkataan ini? Sekiranya kita menyeberang, misalnya menyeberang jalan ke, sungai ke, apa yang kita buat? (masa tu Nadira pikir pandang kiri pandang kanan ke? :P buat lawak plak) Tapi ada betulnya dalam lawak tu. Perbuatan itu maknanya berhati-hati. Jadi dapat kita simpulkan di sini bahawa sejarah itu perlu kita ketahui untuk kita berhati-hati kerana di situ ada pengajaran yang dapat kita ambil. Sejarah itulah masa depan. Indah benar bahasa Allah. Kena belajar bahasa Arab! :)

Jadi persoalan sewaktu ceramah itu ialah,
"Apa yang mahu kita kenang dalam Nabi?"

1. Nabi dilahirkan sebagai seorang manusia :)
Bersyukurkah anda tentang hal ini? Nabi Muhammad telah dilahirkan sebagai seorang manusia dan bukan malaikat. Dengan itu kita mampu menjadikannya contoh untuk diikuti. Baginda juga perlu minum, makan dan tidur seperti kita. Kalau baginda lahir sebagai malaikat apa akan terjadi kepada kita? (Nayalah...bak kata org utara :P)

2. Nabi lahir sebagai anak yatim
Di sini hendak dikatakan yang semua manusia itu tidak terkecuali daripada dilahirkan untuk menjadi juara. Menjadi yatim bukanlah satu penghalang. Tidakkah terubat luka di jiwa apabila mengenangkan yang Rasulullah juga merupakan anak yatim? Dan bagindalah pemimpin teragung di dunia.

3. Nabi lahir di tanah Arab (centre)
Sudah terbukti yang Kaabah itu merupakan 'the centre of the world.' Pada masa itu, mengapa nabi tidak dilahirkan di Rom, Parsi, Yunani atau Hindi? Hal ini bagi menyucikan Rasulullah daripada fitnah. Cuba kita lihat, Rom pada masa itu merupakan kuasa tentera yang kuat, org akan menyimpulkan yang dakwah rasul kerana semangat ketetenteraan. Parsi pula ekonomi terkuat di dunia, org akan berkata dakwah itu untuk mendapat keuntungan perniagaan. Yunani terkuat dalam ilmu & falsafah, org akan menganggap Islam itu ideologi yang diciptakan manusia dan di Hindi pula krisis sosial paling teruk ketika itu. Dakwah akan seperti satu pembelaan terhadap kesusahan yang dialami kerana keadaan yang terdesak. Oleh sbb ingin menghapuskan tanggapan-tanggapan salah ini, Rasulullah dilahirkan di tengah-tengah iaitu di Mekah.

Ustaz masa tu ada bagitau sesuatu yang Nadira memang tak pernah tahu. (kejahilan diri :S) Sebenarnya 17 kali setiap hari kita diminta mengingat dan mengenang Rasulullah. Bagaimana? Kita diajar untuk rindu Rasulullah dalam solat.

Meh belajar bahasa Arab sikit lagi. :) Dalam tahiyat kita baca 'Assalamualaika' Di sini bermaksud selamat sejahtera ke atas kamu dan orang itu mmg perlu ada di depan kita. Ini bermakna pada ketika kita mengucapkannya, ia seolah-olah kita berdepan dengan Rasulullah. Bukannya 'Assalamualaihi' yang maknanya selamat sejahtera kepada dia (merujuk kepada org yang jauh). Kalau mcm ni la kan, kita kena excited la nak solat! Nak berdepan dengan kekasih Allah :)

Semoga kita mengambil pengajaran :)

" Sungguh telah ada pada Rasulullah itu suri teladan yang baik bagimu iaitu bagi orang yang mengharapkan rahmat Allah dan kedatangan hari kiamat dan yang banyak mengingat Allah"

[Al-Ahzab 33:21]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Onii-chan :)

I said I'd be off for two days right? Looks like I'm not. :P

Last night I was at my aunts house minding my own business and then suddenly out of the blues I received a phone call...

*phone vibrating*


Now, a private number calling me at night? Who could this be?

Me: Hello.
Unknown: *silence*
Me: Erm...Hello?
Unknown: Hello...
Me: *a very familliar voice...(thinks)* ... ADI! ADI! ADI! (screams like mad) YA ALLAH, ADI!
Adi: *Laughs*

XD My dear onii-chan called me all the way from UK!
Her name is Adila Azyan Ahmad Ishak :) -promote nama jap...hehe-
Why do I call her onii-chan and not one-chan? Long story...but anyways, miss you a lot Adi! Hope to see you again soon.

Lots of love, imouto-san... :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Off for 2 days?

Perhaps. I'm going to my aunt's house soon today. Might not get to blog during that time. Anyways, I'm meeting Arine later. Why am I posting this? haha... It's been a while since we met. Not that long really but I'd certainly want to see her. What is this feeling?

A blessing from Allah :)

Allah menciptakan perasaan rindu ke dalam hati-hati kita. Satu perasaan yang merapatkan lagi ukhwah antara manusia. Ingat lagu Raihan? :P Suka lagu tu.
Different people miss different things. To miss friends, to miss loved ones, to miss peace, to miss happiness, to miss the era where Allah's kalimah is highest, to miss His forgiveness, and to miss His light. But wait, there is one more....we save the best for last...:P

The whole ummah, misses ALLAH...

Whoever you are, don't you miss Him too?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Lucky ^_^

Ever said that to yourself and mean it? Well you should :)

Last night I talked to and old friend of mine. It's been a while since we talked and how could that be since there are just so many means of communication? Our fault then. Haha...
Long chats with old friends are refreshing. At that moment I noticed that despite everything I'm not satisfied with, I'm lucky.

In this context, I'm lucky to have her has my friend.

Alhamdulillah :) Allah is Great. You know I have been thinking so much lately. It's not that I ever stop thinking it's just that thoughts are getting to me and it feels like I'm learning so much that I feel so happy. And how did this happen? Because of the misfortune I recieved. The misfortune I got so devastated over. Now isn't that another reason for me to feel that I'm lucky? :P

By the way, don't mistaken the word 'lucky' here. There really is no question about luck coz what happens to us is not based on our luck but based on what Allah has written for us. When I say lucky it's just an expression of 'syukur'. If anybody else has a word to replace saying 'I'm lucky' do tell me. We must stop saying wrong things right? :) kalau BM senang la, 'Saya bersyukur'... haa tu memang dah betul.

For those who don't know the meaning of my name, it means 'rare'. Because of that I've somehow always felt special. :) It's like I'm different from other people. But that's just the meaning of my name. I don't feel special and so I wish to be. Sometimes I fret about things that happen to me. I don't need to state out what but the questions I ask myself later is

'Why must this happen to me?'

'Why is it nobody else is like this?'

Now look and think carefully, what does that show? The truth is I never realised that my wish did come true. [I guess that's why people say becareful what you wish for. haha...] Because I am different, because I am special, that's why things (including misfortune) happen to me. The things I feel are so difficult to handle and seem to be unheard of to others are given to me by Allah because I am special. So why should I be anybody else? I'm fine just the way Allah has created me. And for that I am lucky.

Same goes to you. You are special. It takes thinking to really realise that, so think!

Thinking makes you realise so much. Doesn't that make you love Allah? :)

p/s: Blogging requires thinking and suddenly I think I have found the answer to my own question. :P I should say I'm thankful! Yes that's it but syukur sounds the best always. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting ready...

...for Biology.

Tomorrow, 4pm. Do pray I'll do okay. I must!

Let's look back to the Quran :)

'Jika Allah menolong kamu, maka tidak ada yang dapat mengalahkanmu,
tetapi jika Allah membiarkan kamu (tidak memberi pertolongan),
maka siapa yang dapat menolongmu setelah itu? Kerana itu,
hendaklah kepada Allah saja orang-orang mukmin bertawakal.'
[Al-Imran 3:160]
'Dan apabila hamba-hambaku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku
maka sesungguhnya Aku dekat. Aku kabulkan permohonan orang
yang berdoa apabila dia berdoa kepada-Ku. Hendaklah mereka
itu memenuhi (perintah)-Ku dan beriman kepada-Ku
agar mereka memperoleh kebenaran.'
[Al-Baqarah 2:186]
Sesungguhnya doa yang mustajab itu apabila seseorang mendoakan orang lain dan orang itu tidak tahu. Jadi doakanlah, insyaAllah malaikat akan mendoakanmu pula.
It's true that we must work hard but do not keep in mind that more effort must give you better outcomes. What's important is 'tawakkal'. Tawakkal Alallah...
Sejauh manakah tawakkal kita? Adakah kita benar-benar bergantung kepada Allah? Ask yourself that. Percayalah kepada janji-janji Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah benar-benar tidak memungkiri janji.

Monday, March 2, 2009

No internet

Right when I felt like updating. haha...

Now what's this?

Cheese cake. Not really fond of it but mama loves it :)

Yesterday was mama's birthday. Happy birthday again mama! :)

Trust me, you don't look your age at all.

Wish I was home, would've loved to bake a cake. It's been a while since I baked last. Thank Allah abah remembered. haha... Heard that he gave you a lovely card mama. I wonder how lovely :P

Up next, not to forget..... JAYJAY!

Happy 16th Birthday budak! hehe... I hate it now you're taller than me. SO MUCH taller in fact. What happened to my short cousin? :P Hope you had a great birthday. 16 is a very temperamental year but then again I still feel that way now. I guess girls always are. haha...

Lastly my ex-roomie, FARAWA :D

Next year 20! haha, you just turned 19 and I'm talking about next year. :P I'm sure you had a blast yesterday. Sorry I wasn't around. Lets hope that each year we get better aite? And although we rarely meet, may our bond never fade. Miss you!

Well that's it about birthdays. What's up next? A not so happy story :(

I got my results today. Physics & Chemistry Topic Test 1. I'd say it's quite bad. Okay who am I kidding? It's very bad. Even so, I put a straight face anyway. To be content is easier said than done isn't it? I really hate disappointing mama & abah. Especially when it comes to this. As we hear time and time again, everything has a reason. Remember the saying in my previous post? [kalau tak ingat scroll bawah sudah :P] Another perfect time to look at it.

Dugaan tu didikan secara langsung daripada Allah. Sepatutnya rasa bertuah la kan? Tapi jarang sekali kita fikir begitu. Kalau fikir pun, lepas dah mengeluh.

Truth is I realised I learnt a lot today, and it's just noon! :P Allah is Great :) If what had happened did not happen, I wouldn't have thought the way I am now. What a waste. So, Alhamdulillah for what has happened.

'...boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal itu tidak baik bagimu,
dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal itu tidak baik bagimu.
Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.'
[Al-Baqarah 2:216]

There are things that we might like but isn't good for us, and there are things that we despise that suit us best. You know suddenly I feel better. :) You see, when we use our minds to think we find answers.

In the end as always, Allah knows best.
Husnu Zhan...kita bersangka baik kepada Allah.