Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Salam alayk :)

Here's a video that I'd like to share with all of you. First off let me just say a few things. You know how people tend to get so worked up about other people not being honest with them? Not being able to trust due to the lack of honesty in people? Yeah well, I've seen a lot of that and I feel that way too. Without honesty, trust is hard to come by. Now let me think of it in a different way. How about honesty to one's ownself? Forget about other people for a minute and think this over. Let's ask ourselves this, 'Have I been honest with myself? Or have I been inclined to follow my desires rather than admit truth?'

Can I trust myself? That I think is an important fact to set straight. Why? Because if we can't be honest with ourselves, how will we ever see the truth?

So the key here is to be honest with yourself first to find the truth. There's no use lying, you should know yourself. And knowing yourself is the path in knowing your Creator ^_^

Okay then, let's watch this :)