Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old company

Salam alayk :)

The company I'm referring to isn't one that is being run by corporations but rather the presence and being around people. In this case, the company of those who are more familiar to me than others.

It is sort of different because as you grow and meet other people you change in subtle ways in which you might not even realise. But then again, with certain company, what's fundamental remains. And to me, that offers comfort that I need.

Growing up together although miles apart. You know who you are. Hope to meet up soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

There are other things that are more important than the fear we feel.

Salam alayk :)

Yes, i know...this is the longest I've been without a scrap of news but today I decided to change that. This is not the end at all. I'm still writing and will keep doing so insyaAllah.

My previous post left quite a mark on me. An issue I think I still can't conquer but even so it should not have stopped me on my tracks, my steps to Him. I can't just stay here like this, I need to walk again. :)

It's nice how your own writings come back to teach you. When Allah chooses you to read them again and gain from it. Look at it in a different point of view. Coz what's more important is what's being said rather than the person saying it. And you find yourself who was in the past consoling the you today. Giving the you today strength and hope that you can still turn things around. To make you believe you can.

So I'm gonna finish this post with what I jotted down from the video below if I'm not mistaken. May we all never get tired of trying to be who we are destined to be :)

'If you sincerely ask for guidance, be ready for what you get. It may not be something you like, you may have to give up your desires for it because you are not the one in position in making demands. He is the one who places the demands, you accept them. Don't look at religion as 'why is God not telling me what I wanna hear?' 'Why don't I get to do what I wanna do?' It's not about you. You already acknowledge that you owe Him gratitude. He doesn't owe you anything. So be sincere and submissive in your search. When you find the truth, you submit to it, you put your ego before it. You put it on the ground basically, and you give in to the Lord of the worlds.'

There are other things that are more important than the fear we feel. Have courage... for the sake of Allah.